How to Use this Site

Hello, and welcome to the Virtual Open House for Plan Dixie!

The Plan Dixie Project Team launched this platform to give our community a place to connect on this project during COVID-19 times and provide feedback to ensure your voice is heard as we build a plan together for the redevelopment of Dixie Mall.

Is it your first time engaging online? Please use the below tip sheet to share your ideas, leave a comment or ask a question.

  1. Register first! Sign Up here to share your comments, ideas and feedback.
  2. Visit our Home Page to get an overview of what this virtual Open House includes, and the themes we are covering off. Leave a comment by clicking the "Share My Comment" button.
  3. Ready to provide feedback on a specific theme or key pillar? Start by seeing the stations currently open for engagement by visiting our Home Page, and clicking on one of the "Have Your Say" buttons to use one of our tools for sharing ideas; or, click on the NAV bar at the top of the page on the theme you are most interested in.
  4. What are these tools and how do I use them? 
    1. Share Your Idea is a fun and easy way to share feedback - comment or "like" someone else's idea, or add a new one of your own by clicking "Add Your Idea". You can upload a simple text-based comment or add an image.
    2. Share Your Story allows you to tell us about a moment or leave a longer comment that speaks to the types of changes or additions you would like to see.
    3. Rank It! This is a very short survey that allows you to rank elements in order of importance.
    4. Map Your Feedback allows you to "drop a pin" on a map of Plan Dixie and share your comment. You can even include a photo, too!
    5. Q&A allows you to submit questions, and see questions/answers from other community members. Our Project Team will be answering questions once our high-level plan is released, designed based on community feedback.
  5. Have a question? Visit the FAQ page to see the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Is your question not available? Send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
  6. I missed the Virtual Open House presentation! Can I still ask a question? Yes! We will have our Q&A platform open until Open House #2 online engagement is officially completed. Questions about the plan or project after this platform is closed can be emailed to
  7. Open House #2 is closed. Now what? Our engagement with the community is not over! We will continue to provide opportunities for you to share feedback and ask questions as we move through the planning process. We will keep you updated as information on upcoming Open Houses becomes available. Stay connected by opting in to receive communications on this platform, or via our website.

Thank you for staying connected. We look forward to building Plan Dixie together.